Newly Renovated
The Historic
Conneaut, Ohio

     The Renovation of the Historic Cleveland Hotel has been long overdue!
The Hotel has been brought back to it's Splendor and reminds us of the days when it was in its glory.

     As you walk up to the front door in anticipation, you are delightfully surprised to see the original mosaic flooring, the original ceilings, the original fireplace and even the original room ringers on the back wall where the desk used to be.
The original staircase has been painted and the stairs have been carpeted.  What a wonderful job the workers have done.

     There are 3 full floors above ground and the lower level of the hotel that have been made into 28 condos.  Nova Star Real Estate is handling the sales.

     Within these pages you will see the wonderful renovations of this fine Hotel of yesteryear.
     There is also a full exercise gym on the first floor of the hotel for it's members.

     The background on this webpage is to remind us that this wonderful hotel is only a little over 1 mile from Beautiful Lake Erie where you will find a large beach, playground for the children and Conneaut Boat & Yacht Clubs.

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